When is a fish sold for its original price?

The Fish and Wildlife Service said Tuesday that the original sale price for a fish and its eggs can be up to $10,000, but it did not give a specific amount.

The fish and eggs were sold in the aquarium store at Bass Pro Shop and the Bass Pro shop gld in the town of Westfield, about a half-hour south of Atlanta.

They had been in the care of the Fish and Game Department since they were found on the lake last year, and they had been stored there since then.

Since they were sold, officials said they had not received any reports of problems with the fish or eggs.

Bass Pro and the fish and the eggs are owned by the Georgia Aquarium.

Officials have not determined how much the fish were worth when they were released into the wild, but said they are unsure how much money the aquarium made from selling them.

A spokeswoman for the Fish & Wildlife Service declined to comment on the aquarium’s sale or whether any payments had been made.

Last year, the Fish&Watchers released the bluegill, a native species of freshwater fish that was previously sold for $3,000 at a wildlife sale in Lakeland, Florida.

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