Which Christmas tree shop is the best?

A customer walks into a frozen-car repair shop on the South Side of Chicago.

The store has closed since Christmas Eve.

The tree shop’s owner says he has been getting calls from customers wanting to get their tree repaired.

The owner says the problem is the Christmas tree has not been properly frozen.

The ice has been removed but the tree is still frozen.

This is the first time he’s heard of a frozen tree being damaged.

The repair shop is one of the largest in the city.

The store owner says that because the ice has fallen off the tree, he has had to replace the entire tree in the past few days.

The customer is upset about the loss of money.

The shop has been closed for several days, but there are no major repairs scheduled for next week.

The owner of the frozen-tree repair shop says he plans to open another branch on the North Side of the city to cater to customers who would like to buy a new tree.