Google says it will shut down more than 100 Google Play apps over security concerns

Google will shuttered more than 80 apps over concerns over security and privacy concerns, Google said Monday.

The company also announced that it would end its Google Play developer program, which allowed developers to bring their apps to Android devices.

It also said it will suspend its “Google Play Services” program, an effort to provide a more streamlined experience to its Google Apps platform.

Google said that in response to “significant security concerns” regarding its Android devices, it will terminate the Google Play Services program for the following products: Google Play Movies, Google Play Music, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google TV, Google Video, Google Hangouts, Google Photos, Google Voice, Google Translate, Google Wallet, Google Pay, Google Music, YouTube, Gmail, YouTube Music, and Google Wallet Android.

Google Play has been a popular platform for developers and has been instrumental in the growth of mobile apps.

Its app stores and developer programs have helped boost the popularity of the popular Android platform.

However, it has come under fire in recent years for its security practices, including the use of encryption to keep user data secure.

Google has a long history of offering apps on its Android platform, including Android Pay and Android Pay Direct.

But the company has had trouble building the apps into the devices it sells.