Why do the US and China have so much in common?

Gift shops are everywhere in China, and as a result, many Chinese families have a gift shop in the home.

But the relationship between China and the US is complicated.

The US is a great trading partner and a great friend.

But Chinese companies are more likely to buy American products, especially American products that are cheaper and less durable than Chinese ones.

This can make American products more expensive for Chinese consumers.

This makes Chinese products more attractive for American companies. 

The relationship is complicated because of the US’s influence over China, as well as the way in which China treats its domestic companies.

The relationship is also complicated because China has its own economy and needs to be self-sufficient in its own production and exports.

It needs the US to do its part, but the US doesn’t want to give up the ability to protect its own interests.

This means that it can’t just do what it wants, like allow China to import American goods. 

So the US tries to make China do things it doesn’t like.

China tries to do things that it does like. 

For example, it has been pressuring China to stop buying American goods, but it doesn´t have a problem with Chinese companies buying American products. 

But the US does not like China. 

Its trade imbalance with China has been growing since the 1960s, and it doesn�t want China to become a bigger power, and that would make its economy more vulnerable. 

When China became a greater power, it was able to manipulate the Chinese government, to make Chinese policy changes, and to make some of the world’s largest companies feel comfortable. 

This is what China has done with its trade and investment with the US. 

It has pressured the US government to make sure it is a US company in everything that it buys, to keep the US out of everything that China buys, and not to allow it to take advantage of China.

The Chinese government also tries to shape US policy, and this is what it does.

It has the ability and the motive to make things happen for its own benefit.

China has an even bigger trade deficit with the United States than it does with any other country. 

China has invested a lot in the US economy, especially with infrastructure projects.

China also has a huge debt problem that has made it dependent on the US for its survival. 

Chinese companies are also a major source of American jobs, but China has also invested a great deal in its manufacturing base in the United State.

This has also made the US more vulnerable to Chinese competition. 

 Chinese firms also benefit from US technology, especially in technology that can help Chinese companies survive.

The Chinese are a great market for American technology, because the US can take advantage to compete with Chinese technology. 

All of these factors have caused China to push the US into a position where it is more dependent on China than it was before the economic crisis. 

There are still things the US still can do to improve its relationship with China.

The United States should be willing to work with China on trade issues, and work with Beijing to get better access to Chinese markets. 

In the meantime, the US should be prepared to help China get better and more competitive. 

(The author has a masters in economics from MIT and a master’s degree in management from Harvard Business School.) 

(Image via Flickr user jmwong, CC BY-SA 2.0)