Why a cigar shop can’t afford to stay open

The owners of the Cigar Shop at The Ritz are hoping to open a new cigar shop in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, but they’ll need a new liquor license to do so.

They’re looking for a “reasonable, permanent, and appropriate location” to operate, but aren’t offering a specific location, either.

The shop, located at 1325 East Washington Avenue, will be the only cigar shop open on Sundays and Fridays, and will be open on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

The owners, John, Sarah, and Nicky Coker, have already applied for a liquor license, and said that they hope to reopen by January, but are waiting for their request to be processed before they will open.

The store will be located at the intersection of North Broad Street and West Lexington Avenue.

According to the Lexington City Code, cigar shops are not allowed to sell cigars until a temporary liquor license is granted.

The new store will serve both cigar and non-cigar customers, and the owners said that it will be a “nicer, more pleasant experience.”

They plan to keep their business open until a liquor permit is issued.

The Cokers are currently working on a similar shop in the town of Lexington, Kentucky.

However, the city has yet to issue a liquor licenses to those establishments, which is a violation of the local zoning law.

“We’re very excited about opening our first store,” John Coker said in a statement.

“There’s a lot of buzz about this new trend in Louisville and this area, and we feel like we’ve got a great opportunity here to create something that is welcoming and welcoming to our local community.

We hope to open the cigar shop next month, but we have to wait for the liquor license before we can get started.”

Coker and his wife Sarah Coker are well-known in the cigar community.

In 2015, the couple was named “Best Cigar Store in Louisville” by the Louisville Cigar Club.

In 2018, Sarah Cokers was named one of “100 Best Women Cigar Smokers in the Nation.”

The Cokes are known for making their own cigars, as well as selling them at the store.

They also make cigar accessories, such as wallets, wristbands, and scarves.