Beachbody’s new beachwear line is just as ‘beachy’ as its namesake

Beachbody is launching a new line of beachwear in Canada this fall.

The line, Beachbody Beach, will be available in Canada and will feature a range of styles.

“It’s a beachy beachy brand.

It’s a lifestyle brand.

I think it’s a fun brand to be a part of,” said John Beresford, Beachhead, co-founder of Beachbody.

Beresbourne says the line is aimed at women who want to be the best, while also looking good.

“We’re trying to give them a good, beachy, beach vibe.

That’s where they’re coming from,” he said.

Beachbody also has other beachwear brands like Beachbody Surf and Beachbody Wetsuit.

The new line will feature three distinct colours, all in different colours.

The new colours are blue, white and purple.

BeachBody’s new line includes three beachwear styles, Beach Body Beach, BeachBody Beach Wetsuits, Beachby Beach and Beachby Wets.

Beersford says the brand is looking to cater to all the different beach-goers.

Beresbourne hopes the new lines will appeal to women who are not just looking for a beachwear brand.

“You can’t just go out and find a beach body suit for your boyfriend and expect it to work for him.

You have to be willing to go out, try on different things, and see what it looks like,” he explained.

Beersford is also working with local designers to bring new styles to the beach.

Beesbourne said Beachbody has been working with the designers in Vancouver, Victoria, B.C. and Edmonton to get the Beachbody look right.

“I think we are really in a unique position to really do what we do well.

The Beachbody line has really helped us get the beachy look right for a new generation of women, as well as really bringing the brand to life,” he added.