Bike shop chain opens shop in Brighton, Brighton, with bike repair service

The first bike shop in Britain to offer a bike repair shop is opening in Brighton.

The Bike Repair and Maintenance Company (BMRCC) is set to open its first shop in the city centre at the end of this month, following a two-year lease at the same location.

The shop is the brainchild of Brighton bike repair expert David Wilson.

Mr Wilson said: “It’s really exciting to have this shop open in Brighton because we know how important it is to people to have a bike shop.”

We’ve had people come to us for bike repairs, they’ve come with broken bones, broken ribs, injuries and they’ve had to use their own resources.

“It’s a huge challenge to have the support to have people come into your shop, so I’m really pleased we can get this going.”

Mr Wilson said the shop would provide a bike service to residents of the city, which is a key area for people to get around.

“They can do a full bike inspection, then get the bike repaired and get it back into the vehicle,” he said.

“I think it’s going to make a huge difference to the way that people can get around Brighton.”

The shop will also be able to offer services to people with a disability.

“In Brighton, we have a huge number of people who are disabled, we need to make sure that we’re providing them with a bike servicing service,” Mr Wilson added.

The BMRCC is an independent bike shop, which provides repair and maintenance services for all types of bikes and scooters.

In recent years, it has seen a huge rise in business.

It opened its first store in Newham in 2015, and has also opened a shop in Hackney, Southwark and Hackney East.

It will now be opening the shop in its new home in the same central Brighton spot.

“With the new lease, it’s a much bigger and more central location,” Mr BMRcc chief executive Richard McLean said.

The shop has been in operation for about two years and is expected to be open for regular business in the coming months.

The service will be provided by Mr Wilson’s BMRPC business partner, Steve Bowers, who is a qualified engineer and bicycle mechanic.

“He’s been involved in the business for more than 10 years and he’s worked with us on a number of projects,” Mr McLean explained.

“The shop itself has had a significant refurbishment and we’ve had quite a bit of work done to make it a better place.”BMRcc was founded in 2011, and Mr Wilson has been with the business since the early 2000s.

Mr Wilson says he hopes to see more bike shops open across the country.

“People have a right to get a bike, and they should have access to a service that’s going straight to their bike and they can use it safely,” he added.