Coffee shops are getting a makeover with new storefronts, furniture, and merchandise

Starbucks is starting to sell coffee at its own coffee shops.

The coffee chain will be selling coffee at Starbucks stores in Canada, New York, and Chicago starting later this month. 

Starbucks has been looking to diversify its coffee business for years and now, it is opening up new coffee shops to expand the brand.

It has been working with local coffee shops and local retailers in Canada for several years, but Starbucks is finally opening up coffee shops with a new concept called the Ce Shop.

 Ce Shop is an outlet for coffee beans that are now available at Starbucks.

This is the first time Starbucks will be offering a coffee shop with a physical outlet. 

The new coffee shop will feature a large selection of coffee beans, which include specialty coffees, roasted coffee, roasted to order coffee, and specialty blends. 

“The Ce Shop will be a new way for Starbucks to expand its coffee brand in Canada and across North America,” Starbuck CEO Howard Schultz said in a statement. 

Café owners will be able to use the new coffee outlet to purchase their favorite coffees.

The new space is located at 705 York St. in Toronto, but it is expected to open in 2019.

Starbucks hopes that the new space will bring new customers to the coffee chain.

Starbucks also plans to expand coffee delivery services.

The company is already in the process of opening a second location in Montreal, Quebec.

I hope the new location will also be a good location for the new Starbucks store in Canada.

The new coffee store will have more seating, a new sign and a new bar that will be called the Coffee Shop. 

This is just a small step for Starbucks in Canada to open up new stores. 

It will also expand the company’s offerings to include other coffee shops in other cities.

Starbucks is also looking to expand into the grocery industry.

It will be the first company in Canada that offers coffee and produce at grocery stores.

Starbucks already has stores in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. 

I’m really excited about this news because I’m excited about Starbucks coming to Canada.

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