Flowers to be sold in UK as Brexit negotiations start

Flowers and other decorations for sale in the UK will be sold at flower shops across the country as the Brexit negotiations enter their final stages.

The move comes as the government says it will offer its “full support” to the shops, which could see a huge boost in the sales of flowers.

Flowers and other decorative items for sale will be on sale at flowers and other decorators across the UK, the government has announced.

Flowers and decorations for the public are also being offered at flower vendors across the nation.

The government says the flower sales will be supported by the £3bn in government support for the retail sector that will be provided by a package of measures announced by the Queen’s Speech on Tuesday.

In addition to flower sales, the UK is offering up to £2,500 worth of flowers for sale, along with a range of other items, such as scarves, scarves and necklaces.

“We have set up a national retail network to support the festive season,” a spokesman for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said.

“We are also providing free flowers to anyone who wants to buy them.

We will continue to provide support to retailers through our existing support for business and local government and are committed to supporting the industry to grow and flourish.

The UK’s floral and decorative industries are expected to grow by more than £500m over the next two years as part of the package, which will be funded by the tax on tobacco products.

At present, the Government says it has more than 300 flower shops that sell flowers, flowers and accessories, and they provide a vital boost to local communities.

Some of these shops are expected have been opened since the Brexit vote, and the UK has more stores in Europe than any other European country.

However, there are still some retailers that are still set to close.