Google Shopping for local beer shops

Google Shopping may be the most popular app on Android, but it’s not the only app in town.

The latest Android app store update is rolling out to Google Play and iOS, and the store has been updated with a few new local barbers shops to take your place in Google’s online beer shop universe.

A new barber shop named “Stump” is now available in the app store for $4.99.

It’s a $1.99 price tag, but you can find the same barber here for $3.99 per cut.

The shop also has a free demo.

There’s also a local barber store in the store, called “Stuck” for $7.99, and it’s just $1 per cut for a full barber experience.

You can also use Google Play Music to stream local radio stations, but this isn’t available in Google Play.

For $4, you can get a full-length playlist of local local radio shows for free, including local music radio stations like WFUV, WDFB and WFMG.

The app will even offer a weekly radio show called “Songs From The Wild” for free.

It even has a weekly podcast, “The Local Podcast,” that includes local music from the local area.

If you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends in Google Hangouts, this barber and coffee shop might be for you.

The barber has a fully stocked bar with the same stylists as the rest of the store.

It has a selection of coffee and espresso, as well as hot chocolate and other beverages.

This is the best coffee shop to catch up with friends with the local brew. 

Stuck is a great local coffee shop for locals to meet and talk to while shopping for a good coffee.

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