Ski instructor shoots video of himself doing snowboard tricks on the hill

Ski instructor Robert “Bob” Wurman is taking his snowboarding skills to the next level this week, filming himself doing tricks with a GoPro camera mounted on a snowboard he was riding.

The video was recorded at a ski resort in Alaska.

He shared it with Mashable via Twitter, and posted it on Monday.

“I did the first of a series of 10 or so tricks this weekend at an altitude of 8,000 feet and a ski lift, so the video is a little bit longer,” he wrote.

“The next trick is going to be on the downhill.”

Wurmen is a former snowboarder and a certified instructor for the Snowboard Alliance.

He also has an interest in outdoor adventure, and has been a certified snowboard instructor for 20 years.

He is not a professional snowboard skier, and the video was shot on his personal snowboard.

Wurmans website says he also performs skis and snowboards, but doesn’t usually do them on snow.

The videos are part of the Winter Ski Training Course, a winter sport program at Mountain Equipment in Portland, Oregon.

He started the course in 2013 and has taught more than 100 winter ski events since then.

He has also done other winter sports, including snowboarding and snowboarding lessons, snow skiing, skiing lessons and skiing at altitude.

The program started out as a snowboarding course for children, and expanded to include the training of professionals and skiers, Wurms wife told Mashable in an email.

“Since then we have also been adding a full range of activities for both beginners and experienced athletes, from the world-class instruction of professional snow-boarders and skis, to lessons and instruction on the mountain,” Wurmens wife, Jen, said.

Wurbmans first snowboarding lesson was in 2015.

“He was just a really nice guy, a very nice guy and a great instructor, so I thought, ‘Why not?’,” said Tom Schulz, an experienced skier who was at the ski resort with Wurmmans family and snowboarders from around the world.

Schulz said Wurmer had been a good instructor.

“His skills are so good, he just shows so much love for what he does,” he said.

“When I see him doing the things he does, he’s just really happy and excited to do it.

It’s really nice.”