Tattoo shops open in New Orleans

Tattoo stores in New York City and elsewhere have reopened after a week-long shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The New York Times reports that the city’s iconic Tattoo Paradise opened its doors Monday, and other outlets, like the Tattoo Shop of the West, will remain open until further notice.

The Tattoo Parlor on East 125th Street reopened Monday morning after being shut down for a week.

The city is in the midst of a pandemic that has left thousands of people dead and infected more than half the country’s population.

Tattoo shops in New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, Texas, and Washington, D.C., have reopened, too.

New York’s largest tattoo parlor, the Tattoos in New England, reopened Monday, but it was closed for several days as authorities investigated the outbreak.

A total of 18 tattoo shops and salons across the U.S. have been reopened.

Tattoos and salon owners say they’ve seen a spike in traffic as the virus has ravaged the industry.

“We’re seeing a lot more people coming into the store to try and get a tattoo, so we’ve had a lot of people come in just to try out different colors and see how it looks,” said Toni Zane, owner of Tattoos and Salons in Fort Lee, N.J.

Zane has seen a huge spike in business over the last week, with about 200 customers visiting her shop daily.

She said the health crisis in New Yorkers has affected her business.

“We’ve had people come here, we’ve even had people coming from New Jersey,” Zane said.

“They’re bringing their kids and they’re bringing friends, and they want to see the colors and the styles.

We’re seeing it.”