and Google are joining forces to sell online shopping on Amazon’s platform.

Amazon is adding brick-and-mortar stores to its online shopping service, bringing together the worlds largest online retailer and online retailer, according to people familiar with the matter.

Amazon has said that it is exploring a combination of brick- and-mortars and online retail in its retail offerings.

In March, the company said it planned to launch an online store that includes both online and brick-to-mortared stores.

The move follows a push by Google to add online shopping and e-commerce to its platform in the United States.

Google launched an online retail store in the state of Michigan in September.

The store, which is still in beta, allows customers to purchase goods from the Google Store or other partners through Amazon’s own online store.

Google’s strategy, which has come under fire from Amazon, has been to build an ecosystem of online shopping platforms and to make sure customers have access to both.