How to be more self-aware and less narcissistic when shopping online: Experts

Are you the type who enjoys spending money and time on online stores?

Do you feel a sense of guilt when you spend money online and feel like your online purchases are a waste of time and money?

Do online shopping sites make you feel guilty when you feel like you’re spending too much money on a product?

If so, then you may be experiencing an emotional attachment disorder, or an online attachment disorder.

An emotional attachment is a relationship in which there is a strong attachment to one or more people and they feel like a part of your life, but not a separate person.

An online attachment is when there is an inability to detach from someone you feel connected to.

In an emotional attach disorder, you experience a strong emotional attachment to a person, even if the person doesn’t feel that way.

There are a variety of emotions you can experience online and offline.

An attachment disorder can affect your ability to be emotionally open to others and to express yourself, including feelings of guilt, self-blame, shame, and embarrassment.

Emotional attachment disorder symptoms include: Feeling overwhelmed and confused about the emotional reactions of others to your online purchase or a sale