How to watch the 2017 movie premiere on the silver screen — and how to shop for it

The D23 Expo is underway and Disney is already showing off the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie.

The event takes place this week in Anaheim, California, from Monday through Friday.

You can see some of the Star Wars merchandise from Disney on display.

Here are some highlights from the Disney Store, which also has Star Wars themed merchandise, and Disney Home Entertainment.

Star Wars Star Wars toys Star Wars collectibles Star Wars-themed merchandise Star Wars and Marvel Star Wars comics and toys Star Trek toys Star Tours, the classic Star Tours rides Disney introduced at Disneyland back in 1976 and Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, a new Star Tours experience that features Star Tours-themed rides at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, have also opened in Disney Stores.

Disney has also launched a new, all-encompassing, Disney+ social networking platform, which allows guests to see all their friends’ Star Wars social media profiles, plus posts about Disney and the movies.

Disney Store Star Wars line The Disney Store is opening its doors to guests on Thursday and Friday in Los Angeles and Anaheim.

It has more than 1,500 Star Wars products. The Disney store will also be selling new StarWars themed merchandise.

Disney’s Star Wars Line, launched at the start of 2017, includes a variety of Star Wars related products.

You will see the latest Star Wars apparel, including a line of StarWars gear, Star Wars accessories and apparel.

You also can purchase some new Star War accessories, such as a new Darth Vader mask, StarWars TIE Fighter backpack and Darth Vader gloves. has the latest on the latest merchandise from the new Disney Star Wars movie, which stars Harrison Ford as Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa, John Boyega as Han Solo and Anthony Daniels as Luke’s father.

The movie opens in theaters nationwide on December 15, 2019.

The Disney Shop also has a collection of Star Trek-themed items, including the latest TNG-era Star Trek merchandise.

You may also want to check out some Star Wars characters that were released in the new movie.

Star Trek Trek merchandise Star Trek themed merchandise Disney’s merchandise has been popping up all over the place recently.

In addition to new merchandise, you can also get some Star Trek collectibles, including new TNG T-shirts, TNG clothing and TNG movie collectibles.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation collectible line was announced back in May.

The new line of collectibles features new Star Trek items including a new T-shirt that features a picture of actor John Cho wearing a TNG uniform.

It also includes a special T-piece that can be worn with the new TEN pin badge that was revealed last month.

The TNG collectible pin badge features an image of Cho with the TNG insignia.

You have also seen some StarTreks merchandise on the Disney Shop, including apparel from the movie, merchandise for Star Wars, a collection that features exclusive TNG merchandise and a new series of TNG tie-in shirts.