Surfing shop closes in NSW after six months of closure

Surf shop The Surf Shop has been closed for six months after the owner claimed it was “too much of a risk” and was “unfit for purpose”.

The Surf Shop on Highway 1 in New South Wales.

The shop, which was opened in 2015, is located at the end of the highway in Cairns.

It was closed to the public for six weeks last November after owner Craig Dickson claimed the shop was “a dangerous place to surf”.

Dickson told The Courier-Mail he was “not a big fan of the surfers at all” and the Surf Shop was “the worst thing” to happen to surfing.

“It was always the same problem – a bad customer who wouldn’t even go to the surf shop because it was too much of the risk,” Mr Dickson said.

He also said the Surf Club had closed its doors in Cairside, where he lives, but the Surf School at Cairn Creek remained open.

Mr Dickson is appealing the closure order, but his claims are not backed up by a surf shop owner who has been a member of the Surfers and Anglers Club for the past six months.

Dicksons owner, Craig Dicksons son, said he was disappointed the Surf shop closed.

“[It] wasn’t a good decision on my part,” Mr Jicksonsson said.

“It’s not the way I surf.

I am not happy with it.

I think it’s a bad decision.”

The board members of the board are also considering whether to issue an injunction to stop the Surfshop from continuing to operate.

According to the Surf Board website, it is an independent board of directors that is made up of members of both the surf community and the surf industry.

They include surf shop owners, surf school directors, surf club directors, and local government representatives.

One board member, who asked not to be named, said the board had been “unable to reach agreement” with the SurfShop over the issues of a surf club and the business.

While the Surf Business Group has also received an injunction, the SurfBoard said they did not want to go into details of that order.

Surf club chairman David Scott said it was important the SurfClub was not being forced to operate in an unsafe way.

A Surf Shop spokesman said the store had been operating without a licence since January this year.

In an email to ABC News, Mr Scott said Surf Shop had been providing surf safety education to surfers for more than four years and had been the “safest surfing place in New Zealand”.

“We have always operated in compliance with surf safety standards and have never received an application for a licence under the Surfboard Act,” he said.