Vape shop in Vero Beach, Florida, to close after 1,000 days

Vero beach is getting a little older, and its still the Vero vape shop that’s been there for more than a year.

Owner Brian Stover is hoping to close the shop and move the family to a new location by May 31st.

“We’re getting old and it’s been going on for a long time and we’re getting tired,” Stover said.

The Vero store opened in 2016.

Since then, Stover says it’s gotten older and people have grown tired of the staff and the atmosphere.

“It’s kind of hard to stay the same,” he said.

But that’s not the only problem the family is facing.

The shop has been the target of vandalism, as well as a number of burglaries.

“The vapes that were stolen last year, I think that was around the time that they were opening up,” Stoff said.

He says there are many more issues that the family can’t control.

“People will do anything to get into your store,” he explained.

Stover says they’re still working on getting their lease in order, and that they plan to reopen in May.