Who was the first person to make the chop shop?

The first person who ever built a chop shop is known as Mr. Chop Shop, and he was also the first to use the word chop shop.

His name was Thomas P. King, and on July 23, 1876, he opened his first chop shop in New York City.

The first real business venture was a “cotton-picking shop” on East 66th Street in Brooklyn, N.Y. In 1881, his wife, Mary King, opened a cotton-picking business in Chicago.

That same year, the King family opened a small shop on the South Side of Chicago called “The Cotton Cutter Shop.”

In 1893, Thomas P., Jr., began making a fortune by building a successful dry goods business on the East Coast.

After his death in 1894, his son Thomas P, Jr., moved his family to New York.

The King family continued to operate the business, which was named after his grandfather, Thomas, King.

In 1902, the Kings established a dry goods store on the Lower East Side of New York that would soon be known as the “King Cotton.”

The King Cotton lasted for a decade before it was closed.

The name was shortened in 1922 to the “Panther.”

The name “Panda” was added in 1930.

It is not clear when the name “panda” first came into use.

Today, the Pansons live in Florida, where they are members of the Florida Panda Club.