What happens when you combine two brands of brake shoes?

STOP and Shop, the American-owned brake shoes company, said on Thursday that it would stop selling its brake shoes to consumers in the United States after the state of Maryland blocked its distribution.

STOP and the Maryland Brake Association said in a joint statement that they would “continue to fight” the state’s decision.

“The state has no business interfering in the private and commercial marketplace,” the statement said.

“We will continue to fight to protect our right to free expression and will work with the government to ensure the continued access to our customers’ products.”

STOP and shop had been selling brake shoes in Maryland since 2003, when it launched the product in China.

STOP and Shop’s products have been sold in Canada and Japan since 2012.

STOP said in the statement that it was “disappointed” by the state ruling.

“The STOP brand is our lifeblood and the one that makes STOP a leader in the industry,” the company said.

The Stop and Shop product is available in more than 100 countries, including some that have strict laws against discrimination.

The company said it had received numerous requests from consumers in Maryland to stop selling the shoes in their states.

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