How to buy a GoPro Hero5 Black without breaking the bank

The Hero5 black is a GoPro Black that is available in both silver and gold finishes.

It has a waterproof body, a 1/4″ sensor and a 1080p video camera that supports up to 1080p and 60fps video recording.

The Hero5 is the first Hero5 to come with a 4K camera, and it’s also the first GoPro to come in an all-black finish.

There are two GoPro Black models: the Hero5 Silver and the Hero3 Black.

One thing to note is that if you order the Hero4 Black, you will not get the Hero6 Black or the Hero7 Black. 

Both models are available in three colors, but the Silver model comes in a different shade of silver.

I tested the Black and Silver versions of the Hero, and the two models were equally good, but in my opinion, the Hero Silver was a bit more durable than the Hero Black.

The Hero Black was also more resistant to scratches, though the Hero2 Black had some scratches that were very difficult to get out.

Although I have the Silver version of the GoPro Black, I am not a GoPro fan, so I opted for the Gold version instead.

For $599, the GoPro Hero Black is a good deal.

It comes with a waterproof case, a decent amount of battery life and a very comfortable grip.

If you are looking for a cheaper GoPro Black for the first time, I would say to go with the Hero.

The Black is still available for purchase on Amazon and in the GoPro store.

Here is a video from the GoPro team that breaks down how to get the GoPro Gold Black version of their Hero5Black: