‘No’ to a $10 million sale of my car to a billionaire

The owners of a multimillion-dollar car dealership are urging the province to allow a “no-show” auction of the dealership’s former headquarters and other assets.

The owners have said the money could go towards building a community centre or for a new auto repair business.

They have raised $2 million through an online fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to build a new facility for the dealership.

The province’s Finance Minister, Mike de Jong, said the provincial government had been “trying to reach an agreement with the dealership and its owners on some sort of agreement that would allow the proceeds to go to a community service program.”

The deal would see the dealership take control of a building in the northwest end of Winnipeg, which is part of a revitalization plan approved by the province’s mayor.

The city’s council approved the plan in April.

The dealership has been selling off its downtown office building, which has a retail space, to make way for a community center, but the sale is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks.

The deal has raised questions about whether the province should consider a “bail-in” for the property.

It would allow city officials to sell the property without paying for repairs, but would leave it empty for at least a decade.

It also raises questions about what will happen to the remaining assets of the business.

The Winnipeg dealership’s owners have raised about $2.2 million to build community service businesses.

They say the proceeds could go toward building a new car repair business in the area.

(CBC News)The owners of the former Winnipeg dealership say they are considering a no-show auction of their building, and say they’re considering a “cancel” of the sale if the province doesn’t agree to terms that include paying for a car repair shop.

They’ve raised about US$1.2 billion from investors and supporters through the Indiegogue campaign, and they’ve asked the province for $2 billion.

The government has said it would need to raise about $10.3 million to cover operating costs for the years the dealership was in operation.

It’s unclear how much money the province would need for repairs or the building.

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