The Jacks are selling a lot of surfboards and surfboards are worth a lot – here’s why

Jacks Surf Shop, which is based in Cork, is selling a variety of surfboard types.

They sell the new, and the old, and also vintage and collectable surfboards.

Its owner, Graham Tann, told the Irish Independent they were hoping to bring in more surfers by offering a wide range of boards to those who don’t want to surf the waves.

“We are really keen to bring more surf to the city, more surf enthusiasts to Cork.”

I think the city is going through a massive wave of surfers, and there are a lot more people than ever before who have never surfed a wave,” Mr Tann said.

He said the shop was currently opening a new store, in a similar location, with plans to expand further.”

This is an opportunity to bring the shop and the store together, and offer people the chance to surf a variety from the current range and to buy from us,” he said.

Mr Tann was adamant the store would have the ability to sell to other surf shops in Cork.

He told the Independent the shop had been struggling for some time with demand for the boards, as surfers sought out the cheaper versions.”

When we first opened it had only one shop that sold the cheapest boards, but we have had a lot better response in the last few weeks,” he explained.”

People are looking for something a little bit cheaper and they are looking at the boards that are coming in now and we are doing well.

“The shop also sells other surf equipment such as boards and boards and bags.

Mr O’Brien said that while he is not an expert on the boards themselves, he believed they could be a great value.”

If you look at the surfers who come in here, the boards are a great bargain.

It has a good weight and it has a very smooth ride,” he told the newspaper.”

It is a great surfboard.

It is a lot quieter than some of the boards on the market, and it is a very nice board.

“Mr O’than also revealed that he has been inundated with inquiries about what to buy when it comes to surfboards in Cork and beyond.”

The prices are very reasonable, they are cheap, they come in nice boxes and they come with some stickers on the back, but they are also very functional,” he concluded.

The Jacks Surf Shop is located at 16 Southeigh Road, Cork City.

It opened in May 2017.

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