Which shop has the best new items in Australia?

Vape shop owner Steve Rimmer has had a pretty busy Christmas, with a couple of new items he’s been stocking up on.

Rimmer has been busy in his new shop in Canberra’s CBD, and has been doing some work to help out the city’s homeless.

He’s been doing a lot of work for the homeless and the needy in Canberra, and he said he has had to make a couple adjustments in his shop to keep up with demand.

“I got some really good news for the Christmas season,” Rimmer said.

“It’s a lot more affordable than last year, and we’ve got a couple new flavours.”

In addition to the new vape flavours, Rimmer’s also been selling a range of other products like juice boxes, lip balm and other products to the homeless, and there’s also a new new nail polish range.

Rimmers work is now open, so if you want to make an offer on a vape, or have a new purchase, or want to check out the best vape shops in Australia, you can do so at this year’s Christmas in Canberra.