‘No’ to a $10 million sale of my car to a billionaire

The owners of a multimillion-dollar car dealership are urging the province to allow a “no-show” auction of the dealership’s former headquarters and other assets.The owners have said the money could go towards building a community centre or for a new auto repair business.They have raised $2 million through an online fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to […]

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Online auction of antique furniture for $50,000 on eBay

An online auction is raising questions about whether antique furniture is a legitimate investment.The items are being offered by a group of people called the Vintage Preservation Society of New York, and it’s selling a set of 18 antique furniture from the 1800s for $25,000.The item in question is a “bespoke chair with three pieces […]

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When you need to buy a new car, there are no rules

When you’re in need of a new vehicle, there’s no shortage of advice online.So, here’s a list of some of the best tips and tricks to help you choose the right car repair shop.First, the basics: The best way to buy and maintain a car is with a local car service.There are many car repair […]

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Which Christmas tree shop is the best?

A customer walks into a frozen-car repair shop on the South Side of Chicago.The store has closed since Christmas Eve.The tree shop’s owner says he has been getting calls from customers wanting to get their tree repaired.The owner says the problem is the Christmas tree has not been properly frozen.The ice has been removed but […]

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