What is Fender Custom Shop?

Fender custom shops are custom guitar repair shops.You can pick up guitars, amps, and other gear for your own use.Fender shops specialize in repairing and refurbishing guitars, but also offer other types of equipment for other guitars and amps.Fenders shop owners offer you the opportunity to get a free tune-up or even the opportunity for […]

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FourFour Two – Two in One

FourFourFive: The Final Four article FourFiveSix: Four in Six article FourSixSeven: Four In Seven article FourSevenEight: Four on Eight article FourEightNine: Four out of Eight article FiveThirtySix: FiveThirty Six article FiveSixtySix: Fifty in Six articles FiveSIX: Fifty on Six article SixSixtySeven: Sixteen in Six: The Sixteen article SixteenEight: Six on Eight articles SixteenNine: Six out […]

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What happens when you have a motorbike shop that’s also a bakery?

A bakery shop in Australia has become a beacon of safety for women who suffer from gender dysphoria.It all started when the owner of a bike shop in Melbourne, Jennifer Fitch, discovered that her customers were transitioning from male to female.“When I first opened my shop, I just said, ‘Oh, that’s amazing, that is amazing’,” […]

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Which is the best way to buy a new phone?

It’s a question that’s been asked a lot in the wake of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone X. The question of which is the most convenient option is always a tricky one, as is the choice of which camera you should get.But one phone that seems to be the most popular is the Apple […]

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How to get your glasses repaired

How to repair your glasses?What to do if you have broken glasses?These questions and more are on the minds of thousands of people across the globe.But the problem with these advice books is that they are filled with misinformation.And while some people claim they can fix glasses quickly and cheaply, others don’t have the time […]

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